I Thought Blizzard Was Synonymous With Quality

What happened?

D3, Warcraft Reforged, D2 servers???

Please, D3 is beyond repair, stop with that game already. I’m disapointed I bought D3 and it wasn’t what I expected but I want D2 fixed! D3 is as good as it’s going to get, just get D2 fixed. D2 is actually the better game and I for one feel alienated getting some generic sequel with a fake name on it and then having D2 neglected for several years. I could play PS4 Baldurs Gate or Gauntlet Legends and feel like it was about like playing D3, obviously developed with the CONSOLE in mind.

I think Blizz assumes the majority of their customers are too stupid to play a game like Diablo 2 so they made Diablo 3 to be more accessible. Seriously, weapon damage is all I need? And main stat + vit? Lol. Oh wait, I should have either: lif on hit or life regen too durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Do I really have to pick skills, just do it for me so I can continue stomping (ughh… I mean progressing in a linear, boring, solitary way).

Look, breakpoints and skill points are brilliant. Curses and auras are brilliants. Charms, runewords and jewels are great. Resists, crushing blow, static field, fhr, fcr, ias, +skills, trees, stat points, charges, as many skills as you want to use, how did D3 improve upon these things? By being Baldurs Gate V??? By literally just ditching all of them lol

It’s time to spread some goodwill to the Diablo faithful before D4 is launched. Stop driving us away.

Edit: It’s funny, as a kid I thought Blizz could do no wrong. That everything they released would be AAA. They should bring back the quality and increase price if they need more profit. The quality is killing though.

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Blizzard is filled with talentless hacks, and driven by leadership from the finance department. They aren’t the company Morheim created and never will be again. There’s a reason all of their new games have art and programming outsourced to save money. They no longer follow their core values, it’s not actually Blizzard of old anymore. There will NEVER be another great franchise. There will only be clones of game skins wrapped around the same monetization platforms to give us trash ‘games’ we can fork out more cash for with zero fulfillment.


Blizzard is dead

What’s left is a soulless husk filled with straws and being moved by wires


Can you tell us how to talk to you? We need to discuss this issue to get these finance guys **********.