I saw D2R on console, what a disaster!

I saw D2R on console, in real life, and I would like to say that there seems to be perhaps a year of work left before the game is ready for consol. I was seriously amazed at what I saw:

-The barbarian’s attack actually lightly heals his ennemis due to mathematical errors in the damage calculation. We were forced to change classes due to these strange mathematical errors. For example: we were unable to kill a monster in the Blood Moor, the first zone in Diablo II outside of town, after perhaps 2500 sword hits.
-Using Deckard Cain to identify items causes the game to crash.
-Rollbacks causing the loss of the following: items, experience, quests and waypoints.
-Rubber banding lag, an undesirable effect where monsters and the player appear to leap from one place to another instantly; also called “warping” or “teleporting”.
-Cannot save the game.
-Items disapearing from the inventory right infront of our eyes.
-Terrible audio with strange screeching and repetitive sounds that should only play once, but repeat dozens of times until it feels harassing.
-Strange crashes.
-Cannot talk to other players.
-Impossible to play most of the time due to very poor quality servers.
-The game seems to be in a rustic unfinished alpha state.

When testing the game, I strongly felt that the game was pure garbage, this game can only be qualifiable as a total dumpster fire for PC and now I am confirming this for console.