I paid, but now I am paying for it

Brief tl,dr:

Almost 6 months ago I purchased the pre-order for the Physical copy of the Epic Collector’s Edition of Dragonflight. We were never really told WHEN they would start shipping the physical copies, just that they would ship before November 28th.

As it got closer to launch, we were then informed that physical copies of the game would start shipping in waves, based on when orders were made, starting November 1st. So, already AFTER phase one of the pre-patch. That sucks but okay.

However, here we are… less than 2 days until phase two of the pre-patch: the ability to make a Dracthyr Evoker. But you can ONLY MAKE ONE if you have pre-ordered the game.

Well, problem is, within the physical edition is a code. A code that HAS to be entered into your Battle.net account in order for you to access the new expansion. And yet… no physical edition. No email informing you of when you will receive your copy. And EVERY SINGLE MANNER OF CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCESS IS A DEAD END!!!

On-line? “Sorry, our representatives are assisting other customers. Please try again or email us at blah-blah-blah.”
Cool… Let’s try email.
“Thank you for contacting us, confirming we have received your request (query #XYZ). Our Blizzard Store Support team will blah-blah-blah…”
Okay, phone?
My position in the queue was one… ONE! For those counting at home: 1. And after being on hold for anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour, they just say they can’t help you and they disconnect.
Finally. Filling out an online support request… Pretty much like if the online help and the email query had a less-helpful, less informative baby.

So here we are. My card was charged months and months ago. But do I have the most expensive edition of a World of Warcraft expansion EVER? No… no I do not. And if they don’t get it to me in roughly 39 hours (from now to around 3pm Tuesday the 15th), then I will not be able to play the new class.

I am really trying to figure out… Do I say to heck with it, get a chargeback on my card and go play God of War? Or does someone have a solution that allows me to actually play the game I paid for?

Advice would be great.