I need my accounts back

Blizzard, i had accounts and they got deleted, i made another new account and now that aswell got deleted. cant jus keep starting over from scratch its insane yu know how hard it is to get to a decent level with good gear??
i need my old accounts back, they have NOT been used yet, names as follow

theyre all US East;. i still have my passwords I JUS NEED THEM BROUGHT BACK!!
love the game but come on admin guys, we all got lives sometimes i dont play for while.

Unfortunately if you haven’t played the accounts for over 90 days, the accounts expire and are soon deleted. Once they’re gone, they can’t bring them back.



Small indie company they don’t have the technology to store accounts for a 20 years old game so they wipe out accounts every time you look away for a sec

“small” company with millions of copies sold…amazing. they have the money they just dont care.

Small indie company is a meme for blizzard. They make a billion in profit alone and they can’t be bothered to hire game masters and instead cut corners everywhere they can.

I would not be surprised if the one janitor still uses the same mop from twenty years ago.


The biggest reason the characters and accounts self delete is because they do not like it when you only play fully leveled characters from many years ago. They want you to make new ones and start over… Unless you play all the time. It’s a reward for being loyal.

So much crying. Don’t let your accounts expire, its no one else’s fault.