I need help to unban a friend

Hello, my friend’s account got closed permanently to massive reports a time ago due to an apparent violation to ToS , he played WoW 10 years ago and I played with him for that long time.
He recently sent the ticket to Blizz support today with a text that he won’t repeat those behaviours again , he is very saddened and I want to help him . I know that he sometimes he has his own temper ( because I know him and of course I won’t write his personal life , he sometimes has his temper just like everyone of us that come from home with problems and want to play WoW ) Yet lately people started to report him with barely poor reason that it came to get his account perma closed.

Can a Blizz dev please check on my friend DavidMaycoll (his battletag name) whose character is a DK named Eldavo or his previous name Slowdeath,

He sent a ticket waiting for a dev reply and I also want to know what is going to happen.

Please Blizz devs forgive him and I want him to return , I’ll be checking on him whenever I can. If he repeats such behaviour then you can ban him back with no promises

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Please Blizz help us friend

The ONLY person Blizzard will interact with for an appeal is the account holder. Not friends, not family, not guild mates. You may mean well, but nothing you say is considered. They only consider the actual server logs and chat logs.

If he allowed his temper to get so bad that he could not control what his fingers typed, that is really his mistake. To get an account permanently closed for language violations it has to be MANY penalties over the years. He got many chances to correct his behavior and did not. Now he has to deal with the consequences of that.

I am very sorry, but your friend will just have to wait out the answer to his appeal ticket. If he has had so many infractions that it is perma closed though, and you admit he has a temper issue, I doubt it will get overturned.

Also, if you want more information on WoW Policies, the Customer Support forum is a Help Desk. There are no GMs there, but they are happy to explain proper support and appeal methods, policies, etc. Again, it won’t get your friend’s account appeal escalated but you might look there for examples of similar cases and learn more about policies.