I need help linking my blizzard and activision accounts

Cannot connect my blizzard account to activision. It says the previous action has failed when I complete the process through my activision profile and when I try to log into activision using my blizzard account it says the same thing. Please help me connect my accounts.Also does anyone know how to actually send a ticket to activision or blizzard, this support system sucks and I just want to talk to A REAL PERSON to help fix my issue NONE of their articles help.


Having the same issue. Tried building a new BLizzard and Activision account to see if they would link…and that still didn’t work.

Same here. Would be nice to get a solution.

Same problem here. Sent in a support ticket hopefully we get some fix.

I’m having same issue any get it fixed… it’s so frustrating

Yep same here, kinda sucks just bought a game and cant play it lmao

We really got the same issues and minds. Literally said the same thing and having the same problem

Hello everyone,

When linking accounts make sure that you are logged into your Activsion account the same time as your Blizzard account. You will want to follow the steps listed by Activsion in order to link the accounts. Should it still be causing issue reach out to Activision support to troubleshoot.

I’m having same issue as op. Both accounts are open and logged in on same browser, but when I go to link my battle.net account on activision, I get an error message saying “previous action failed, please try again”. I also cannot log in to activision with my battle.net credentials. It seems to be an issue with battle.net since I can link other accounts to activision such as xbox, steam, etc


Commenting to say I’m also in the same boat. Can’t link accounts no matter what. My Activision support ticket I made a few days ago got elevated to a higher level and that they’re aware of the issue and looking into it so might be a bit before it’s fixed >:(

Pretty ironic though that the two companies that literally merged together is having trouble linking accounts together lol

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Same issue as well. Can’t link blizzard and Activision. Can login in with Xbox no problem

Same boat. Glad to see this finally getting some traction. I got gifted Cold War just to play zombies with a group and Ive had to just sit and watch while they have fun without me ;-;

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having same problem myself bought the game yesterday. havent been able to even log in to the game because of this. they need to fix this or let me refund my purchase

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Having the same problem. just bought Cold War and pre purchased vanguard. I can’t link activision to battlenet and can’t play Cold War. I even tried creating a new activision account and same problem.very frustrating


I just got Black ops today and im having the same issue. Is there any kind of timetable as to when this will get fixed?

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happening to me too tried everything there is. I just bought COD

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Same issue… bought Cold War 2 days ago. Very frustrating, i hope they take care

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I’m having the exact same issue. I bought my first gaming PC yesterday and I spent all evening trying to link my blizzard account with my Activision account so that I would have all of the content I unlocked while playing Warzone on Playstation. Greeted with the same error message every time! So frustrating, hope they fix this as soon as possible!

Still happening. I’ve been trying since friday evening and it’s still the exact same problem. Bought a new gaming pc only to not be able to play with anything I’ve achieved on Xbox. Would be nice if they had a support team we could call to let them know because it seems as if nobody is looking at this

I have an open ticket with activision and they escalated it to a higher team. They said devs are aware of the situation and are working on it but with no ETA for completion