I need a Dev to look at this!

Continuing the discussion from 10 crest elder rift did not return a chest: I opened a ticket with support and said there was nothing they can do because it was a bug in the game. The support team said raise it to the Devs through this forum, but don’t expect a response. I raised the bug six days ago. I guess I’m supposed to just walk away without getting anything for investing in your game? You may to rethink your whole support process around people who actually help fund your games, not sure what kind of community you are looking for…


I have posted the same thing,i also started a ticket pretty much the support told me there’s nothing they could do which is patethic and just expect us to report it here through the forums how can we be so sure it gets fixed and we can get the gems or leg crest we used. Their support are useles

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