I need a Dev , GM , or anyone from the management team

So , i connected my blizzard/battle net account to the wrong xbox live account which i made tickets about and have used until here recently where it had a security check-up and i didnt remember the pw which i used for said account , so i disconnected my xbox account from my battle net/blizzard account and cannot connect my main account with my account until august 27th 2023 due to the cooldown , so can someone please reset the cooldown or contact me about what i can do to get my accounts connected other than just wait until augusst 27th

I don’t work for Blizzard, but can point you to the Support article for your issue. It does not appear that the cooldown is something CS can change. That is hard coded by the Developers.

Log in to your Connections in your Account Management page and click the Disconnect button next to the console you want to unlink. Account links have cooldowns limiting how often they can be changed. You will receive a warning in Battle.net account management specifying the specific cooldown length when disconnecting an account type that has a cooldown. Customer Support is unable to bypass these cooldowns. :point_left:

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