I just want to play the games I paid for

So… I may not be the first person to bring this up, but the Battle.net app on my Windows 10 desktop is the most frustrating piece of **** I have ever come across in all my roughly 32 years in IT and PC gaming. I’m trying very VERY hard to not start hammering out four letter-words all over this post.

Just for frame of reference, I’m not just some dope that likes to play games. I have turned an addiction that formed in elementary school into a career. Now I support IT for fun and profit because I kind of like helping people work with computers too. I know what I’m doing. I can hack the registry, work the command line, search through logs, mess around in HEX. I’ve done a lot, and I’m not done yet. Hell! I can even solder, so I can keep vintage console going for the fun of playing things as they were meant to be played. Just trying to say, I’m no stranger to making things work here.

I’ve been trying to install Starcraft remastered and Starcraft 2 for nearly a week now. The battle.net app keeps crashing. I click the install button and wait maybe 2 hours before eventually I get an error that something crashed or got hung up. When I’m lucky after an hour or so, I get the screen that says how much space the game will take, I click install again, and wait… But it still fails an hour or so later, or it just sits there trying to install forever, and getting nowhere (yeah, half a day I waited, and my internet is pretty good, AND YES(!!) I PLUGGED THE DAMN THING INTO THE F*ING ROUTER!!!). I’ve rebooted, uninstalled, deleted the programdata folders re-installed, I’ve done the lot. The PC i’m doing this on is completely vanilla, fresh install from last saturday.The specs on this machine are pretty good, all drivers are up to date, all OS updates are installed. No anti-virus has been installed to disable, also no malware (I checked many different ways because that’s what I do).

After several days of banging my head against a wall and trying everything, I just got them both installed, Starcraft2 seems to be fine, Starcraft remastered was fine too on the first run… but I came back to try it out, and the battle.net doesn’t have a play button, it’s got an install button again. I click it and it turns into a greyed out Play button?(!!!) I have to scan the files? WHAT!!! Seriously?! ARE YOU F*ING SERIOUS!

I’ve bought all of Starcraft 2 and its expansions. I’ve bought Starcraft, and now Starcraft remastered with the Cartooned add-on. Starcraft 2 is still $59 for the whole set which isn’t cheap I will add. But the only way to get to the games I’ve paid to play is to use this Stupid App! While it’s running it spawns multiple instances of the agent.exe program. the longer the app runs, the more appear eating up resources. When I run it once, I have to delete the Battle.net tools folder from c:\Programdata before I can get the silly thing to work again! It takes forever and never really tells you the progress of an installation when it is working (might be useful when installing a 27GB game and the app seems to get stuck).

In the office I work, if a vendor sold us an application that required something as broken as this BllSht to work, we’d be suing their rear ends off! (Yes, still fighting back the four-letter words, I’m screaming them as I type to make me feel better).

I’ve loved Blizzard since the early days. I always will. I actually have Blackthorne on Sega 32x and SNES. I’ve got a bunch more Blizzard stuff too! I think the original StarCraft is a work of art! The original Diablo (and its sequels) have eaten up many entire nights for me. Starcraft 2 has been amazing too! I will always love the games!!! but this app dude… it’s got to go.

Just wanted to vent. All I really want to do is play the Blizzard games I bought, but I don’t think I’ll be allowed to do that…

First, rather than vent, why not post in tech support, or better yet open a support ticket so that your issue can be troubleshooted??

Second, seeing there isnt a deluge of reports at all times, it obviously not the app, its something with your environment. 99.99999% of the time it’s driver or security conditions on the system.

hey i been have a problem and i did every thing for the new call of duty but i keep getting BLZBNTAGT00000960 code when try to download the update for the game the i payed for .

Well, when I can’t play purchased games, I call support until they solve the problem for me. If you paid your money for the game, but you can’t play it, that’s not your problem. These are the problems of the service that sold you this product but could not solve their problems

From what I have seen the last year, a simple and small update takes 5-10 minutes of initialization and 30 seconds to update then another 5 minutes to reclaim. It looks like Blizzard has hired developers who used to work for Steam.