I have pre-ordered Diablo 4 on the PS5 I downloaded the beta

I have pre-ordered Diablo for I downloaded the beta on the PS5 I put in the sign in code on my phone try to log in on the PS5 and it says warning unable to find valid license on for Diablo 4 code 315-306 how do I fix it got off work last night and I still ain’t been able to get on it and it’s 9:49 a.m. can somebody please help

It’s doing the same thing to me. Blizzard suck and can’t communicate quick enough. What a fail beta launch.

You guys are a bit early. Not sure its your issue, but the beta doesnt release until 9am pst (45minutes) from now.

It’s after 9PST now and it’s still not available to launch D4 beta. Come on Blizzard get moving, some of us have work we don’t want to do!

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ps5 Even after the launch time, it gave me 300008 errors couple of times. I restarted and the queue is 2 hours. Blizzard is a let down company for doing this, selling preorders for early access but cant even accommodate. They do not even consider extending the beta time for us to properly play through. I believe this is a reputational disaster and I am very disappointed because of this money hungry scam.