I have lost money, have raised the issues for days. Nothing

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I would like an update from the devs, this was bought with real money and nobody is responding…

Same here, they closed my support ticket saying i have to report it here, their support sucks and just expects us to go through the forums and report the bug where we spent some money and never got anything. I experienced the same, finished a rift and chest didn’t show up, no gems and runes. Exit the rift and no forgotten items in the mail

This sounds like fraud if they are not helping you. There are other remedies.

Yeah their reason is they’re just game masters who doesn’t have access to logs or anything, it’s the dev or qa who has access to, hence the reason why they kept redirecting us here. It’s frustrating

I get that the first level support team probably does not have the diagnostic tools to figure out what happened. But they do have communication tools. Escalate the ticket, send an email, add it to the scrum board. I have run support desks and Dev teams in my career and this is shocking that you have a customer that actually invested money into a platform, lost money and has been told that they have no ability to assist.

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