I have D3 collectors, lost the CD key for D2LOD. Can no longer install

I no longer have the flash drive the CD key and install were preloaded on. Ex had formatted it to make room for something else. >.< I have purchase history as proof of buying D3 Collectors. Is there a way to recover the keys? I checked my account and it doesn’t show the classic games on my list.

I’m not sure. I wonder about this myself? The only CD keys that pop up for me are the two I’ve bought in the last few years, my collector’s cdkey isn’t on my list.

Also, I found my usb last night but where is the cd key? Is it preloaded onto the USB installation files?

Edit: I stuck my usb in last night, but I didn’t try very hard to install it. Since D2 was already installed on the default path, the usb just gave me the option to uninstall when I opened the .exe file. If I get to experiment more and find out, I’ll update my findings here.

Edit2:"Starcraft and Broodwars are in no way associated with the StarCraft II Collector’s edition authentication key. The key for the first game is obtained during the install process from the Jim Raynor Dog tag USB drive which came with the collector’s edition.

To claim your key you would need to install StarCraft via that USB drive after which you can then add the game key to your Battle.net account.

As Diablo 3 has yet to be released I can only guess the process will be the same, in that you would need to run the install process from the Diablo Skull USB drive to obtain your keys."

So you will be able to add them to your BNet account by installing them from the USB that is included.

So to sum it up, if you don’t currently have the game installed or on you bnet account and you can’t find the USB you may have to fork over another $20 for another cd key.

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Charge a server fee and do some basic work on the servers.

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I’d hate to spend more money on it as i owned it originally, then now in the collectors addition. I want to play it, but I’m having a hard time convincing myself. lol

Kinda sucks they didn’t provide another location for the key other than digitally. Could easily have been in insert somewhere in the box it all came in.

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Hmm actually, I stuck in the USB and now it’s prompting me to give it a cdkey. Maybe the cd key came on a card or something?

You need to go to account.blizzard/games
If you have not registered your classic game keys under your account, then you are out of luck.
Unless you still keep your manual of Diablo 2 LOD in which case it will be at the back of it and will show your CD Key. You also need the CD Key of the original Diablo 2 and LOD for this activation to work.

If you lost both of these manuals then you have no option but to repurchase the games.
I always keep a copy of my manuals with CD Keys because I know that these may still be needed. But of-course I registered my keys to my Blizzard account and now I don’t need the manual, but I still keep them for the benefit of the doubt.

So is the cd key on the skull USB as a file? Or on a paper or game manual?

Not sure, I’ve lost my D3 CE D2 cd key and got hung up at the cd key requirement.

My guess is it came with a little piece of paper that many of us have lost. If you figure something out, please let us know.


See this video at around 2:17; it shows a card with your Diablo II CD keys: