I hate the new launcher so much

change it back :frowning: it is such a mess now! Who thought this would be a good idea?


Get used to change. It is better

It is better for small children who like blinky, messy nonsense. Not for someone who just wants to play a game.

A nice feature would have been to be able to toggle to a simplistic game-updater/launcher.


Personally, the unified user interface has much better overall user experience is much better than the previous.

How? The buttons are further apart, smaller and people go out of their way, especially now, to make sure it is not running in the background.

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Problem is, WoW is not the only game Blizzard has right now, so the changes are somewhat necessary.

I personally like the launcher/updater from WotLK times _http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100924065613/wowwiki/images/b/b8/Cataclysm_Beta_v4.0.0.12635_Launcher.jpg

How is that not resolved by having a list of games on the left, the way it was before.
Beyond that, you could either:
A) Add a scrollbar with favorited games showing up first or
B) Show only favorites on that list, with this new “ALL GAMES” button to allow you to see and favorite the rest.

The new list at the top is much worse as it has significantly less space to work with.