I got my account suspended and dont think theres a good reason

ahem. I logged into overwatch today and noticed the conversation going on in general. people were arguing about BLM vs ALM. I defended ALM, as is my opinion on the subject. I did not use any vulgar language. all I said is it should be ALM not BLM and white privilege is a myth because I myself and white and I know many black people who have more opportunities than me. but that’s another conversation. the point is I used no vulgar language and just stated an opinion, then got suspended for “abusive language”. last time I checked i had a right to my own opinion. so Blizz, please review this. hopefully, you’ll reverse the charge.

P.S how long is the suspension?

Thanks in advance.

Forum Moderator Note: We do not allow discussion of account penalties on the forums. In the future, if you feel that a penalty was unfair, please submit an appeal ticket.

are you surprised? this is blizzard we are talking about.