I got banned from Modern warfare (WITHOUT VIOLAITING TOS)

I have recently been permanently banned in Modern Warfare without a warranted reason. I have read both Blizzard’s code of conduct and Activition’s security enforcement policy. I have done nothing wrong to violate any of these rules and yet I am banned permanently. I speculate that my recording software OBS has tripped the anti-cheat. I have tried appealing my ban through Activition however the site is preventing me to logging in with my blizzard account as they are linked. I am desperate for anyone to help me come into contact with an actual employee of either blizzard or Activition as neither of these companies has shown to have a customer support number.

Hey Willhelm,

Blizzard and Activision are completely separate companies, so if it was your Activision account/game that was actioned, it falls under their purview.

You will need to go through their support site, even if it means creating a login and password with them.

Have you ever glitched something in the game. That can trigger the Anti-Cheat

I Didn’t do anything like you described.

Same thing happened to me, never even thought about cheating, glitching or any of that stuff…by the looks of it we’re not the only ones too, if you search for warzone ban on twitter you’ll find lots of people in the same boat.
Did some research on getting unbanned but sadly apart from their pathetic ban appeal site there is really nothing to do about it.