I give up on d2

it has been over 3 weeks and i still get you were disconnected form battle net. you need to reconnect. i have been playing for years.


Give up on Blizzard, not from this incredible game the community has incredible alternatives for you to have fun.


Many many communities out there for your play style, just depends what you are into. Are you looking for a vanilla/legit experience, or updates, or what? I might be able to refer you to some communities. TCP/IP or otherwise is still alot of fun and there are entire setups dedicated to all different play styles. (i.e. focus on PvP in some instances with legitimate items)

Just want to play diablo 2

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Play Path of Exile; that’s where most of the D1/D2 veterans play now… at least there you can still trade, have seasonal races with fresh economies, and is ran by a company that cares and engages with the community.

I’m considering playing POD or pluggy myself…

Have you contacted Blizzard support with a ticket?


There is also a classic games technical support forum here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/c/support/49

mike, if you tried connecting to bnet from a business network, vpn or proxy, you will get a temporary connection restriction that could last up to weeks. contact blizzard support to find out when your restriction ends and then try connecting from home internet.

bill, i have tried everything. you can’t contact anybody. it has been over 30 days now. this sucks lol.

no problem, they make you go through hoops to get in touch with them. i submitted a support ticket on your behalf. lets see what they say.

glad to know you are ok, man. everybody was worried about you.

when you first encountered the login problem, where did you access battle.net from? was it at work?

i only play from home. never from a vpn or proxy. i hope i don’t lose any toons or accounts. My house. thanks brother. D2 lives matter

weird. download and install the latest patch:

(select diablo ii from the drop down menu, and click on the d2 lod windows patch)

if patching does not solve the problem, try:

  • running the game as admin (right click on d2 > more > run as admin)
  • acquiring a new ip address (turn off internet modem and router for 10 mins, then turn back on). note your ip address before and after to confirm they are different, web search: whats my ip

received a response from support:

We did have some reports of problems which should have cleared up now, Ask your friend to try again, and if that does not work please ask them to contact us directly, we will need to speak with them about this problem and look into steps to help.

mike, try connecting to bnet again. hopefully it is fixed.

Hey Mike - it’s Evan.

From Bill:

mike, did you install d2 from physical discs using 16 digit keys or did you install from the web installers using 26 digit keys? if it was the former, try redeeming the physical 16 digit keys to your blizzard account, download the web installers and install using the 26 digit keys.

instructions here:

pathetic… is there a place we can complain that actually hurt their image ? only way those fu$%# will do something…

do you have a static ip or dynamic? this all depends on if you eligible of this method