I get all times at login Error 34203 for Diablo 4

Hello Blizzard, how I can I do to resilve this error 34203 at login of Diablo IV? Is sad that I’ve payed the full pack to don’t have the opportunity of palying the beta and not gain the extra rewards. I’ve payed for all this.

Desde Argentina estoy igual, ayer pude jugar (con colas de entrada de 60 minutos). Hoy es imposible, no deja de mostrar el error 34203 al momento de “conectar con los servicios de diablo 4”.
Tengo conocidos que han podido entrar hoy y yo llevo 7 horas con este mismo error.

Here in Brazil it’s the same thing. I can’t get into the game because it’s just connecting to Diablo 4 services.
It’s sad to buy the ultimate pack and not be able to play


This forum is to provide feedback on the Beta version of the Battle.Net Desktop App (aka, the launcher).

For issues on Diablo IV, you need to use the Diablo IV forums here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d4/

The “Error 34203” problem has already been reported; the main thread for this error is here:

From my quick read, it looks as if using a VPN might be a workaround while Blizzard tries to figure out what is going on.

Good luck !

Thanks, now is resolved

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