I downloaded cold war and it did not save the purchase

my cold war was installed but did not let me play so i went though the forums and said to do a clean reinstall and i deleted everything related to blizzard including the actual games but it did not save my purchase of cold war but i had the file for it so i used that it still did not work so i uninstalled and was going to reinstall but it deleted all the stuff out of the file so now it just wants me to re-buy cold war(i have proof that i bought it,it also says nothing about it in my transaction history)
i just want a way to get cold war back without having to pay for it again


That’s the part that I find worrisome… Are you sure you are using the correct e-mail to connect to BattleNet?

Otherwise… you will need to contact Blizzard Support with a web ticket; account issues such as this cannot be dealt with on the forums because of privacy and account security. You will likely need to prove that you are the owner of the account; see the support note here – Note the text in red; you will need to hide / cover some of the information that is not required by Blizzard :

To create a web ticket, use the Contact Us button on this page:

Provide a detailed description of the problem, including the proof of purchase, and see what they say.

Good luck !

Howdy akemi,

It appears that the payment failed and you can find your order history here. We aren’t able to support payment issues or account problems over the forums, so if you have any other questions or need help with this payment problem please create a support ticket as explained by Boubou.

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