I don’t think required SMS is a good idea

I was 15 almost 16 when Overwatch came out. I’m now 22, I was in poverty but got the game as a gift between my brother and I. That being said I am 1 of 11 children. We could not have provided more than 2 phone numbers at the time, and they STILL were not SMS numbers. I see this being a horrible thing for children in poverty especially when the game is marketed as free to play when in reality it’s very limiting. Honestly very upsetting, I’d rather there be smurfs than entirely remove peoples ability to play at all.


I agree, I have a mobile phone but I do not have cell service where I live. So making it mandatory to list your phone # is pointless for me and probably others. Since I do not have my phone linked to my account I can’t use certain thing to make groups. It is unfair and aggravating when trying to set things up.