I didn't receive the OWL2 Grand Finals Rewards

So I started watching the OW league 2022 Grand Finals from around 530 pm until the end around 10 pm. But I have yet to receive any of my rewards. I watched on the Overwatch League Site and I made sure the correct account was connected. I also reset my password and it did not work

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i watched every night, all week, and 3 of the encore presentations. i was logged in to youtube, I also watched some on the owl website. I watched the grand finals on youtube and the owl website on two different devices. Always made sure I was signed in and connected to my battlenet account. I have received 95 owl tokens and the owl skins to the 9 hour rewards… and nothing from the grand finals yet.


same, watched entire grandfinals and didnt get anything. And only 9h rewards for the playoffs even tho i watched 90$% of it which is def. not under 12h

No perks until Nov 15th. Says it right on the OWL

What? But I have been getting the league skins already for watching the correct amount of hours.