I can't start the game

The game does not start, I already have the problem from the opening day despite the fact that in the alpha and beta I could play normally …


Yep, I can’t launch the game either. Getting black screen then Error box comes up


I have the same problem …


I am in the same boat. Looking in the blz-log file shows: 9/26 13:04:09.823 [Render/4] [<>:0]: NVIDIA DLSS not available on this hardward/platform., FeatureInitResult = 0xbad00000, info: NVSDK_NGX_Result_Fail
Despite my 2070 being in the latest released driver. Some other forum posts say roll back the driver, however they are a while back. So roll back my driver for one game? Nah, I will just ignore D2R

Oh dear - hope this is fixed

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I can start the game but can’t continue some quest also no idea where to report when I click they keep send to contact and not the same issue. The new patch quest from Avna is blank and can’t continue,don’t know how to contact or send feed back or send issue.Sorry to comment here