I can't start the game

The game does not start, I already have the problem from the opening day despite the fact that in the alpha and beta I could play normally …


Yep, I can’t launch the game either. Getting black screen then Error box comes up


I have the same problem …

I am in the same boat. Looking in the blz-log file shows: 9/26 13:04:09.823 [Render/4] [<>:0]: NVIDIA DLSS not available on this hardward/platform., FeatureInitResult = 0xbad00000, info: NVSDK_NGX_Result_Fail
Despite my 2070 being in the latest released driver. Some other forum posts say roll back the driver, however they are a while back. So roll back my driver for one game? Nah, I will just ignore D2R