I cant see to character open wounds effect

I don’t speak English well, so I use a translator. Sorry that I may not be able to understand it correctly

in pvp, I can’t accurately see effect(bleeding) of open wounds on the character.(Mine and opponent both)

I didn’t see it when I used a Korean client, so I thought this was the cause and re-installed it with a US client.

but i can’t still effect of open wounds on the character.

What is the cause? Anyone solved the same symptom?

Plz help me…

go on single player and edit a weapon with 100% open wounds (diablo maxes at 95% but you get the idea)
go load up a second client on open bnet you will need 2 keys for this

smack the other player with a melee attack (physical)

the other player will have bleed animation

I meant that there was no bleeding effect on the character with open wounds.