I can't enter the game

error hearthstone HS_CT:NetCacheDecks=0;NetCacheCollection=0;NetCacheCardValues=1
none of the methods indicated on the site helped

Hey there Art,

Thanks for reaching out about that NetCache error being seen in Hearthstone. Normally posting on the Hearthstone forums is best but instead of telling you to post there and wait for a reply, I’ll do what I can here. For reference, the Hearthstone Technical Support forums are here: Technical Support - Hearthstone Forums

As for the error, that’s usually due to damaged files, a program interfering, or a connection problem with either the ISP or network. The following will usually get things fixed or at least narrowed down.

  1. I wasn’t sure if this is on a Mac or PC or perhaps mobile. If it’s PC or Mac, we’ll want to delete a folder used for temporary information for the game. Depending on which system you have, the steps are:
Mac -
1) Press CMD + Shift + G to open the Go to folder
2) Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/Blizzard folder
If there is no Blizzard or Hearthstone folder, show hidden files and folders by pressing CMD + SHIFT + .
3) Delete the Hearthstone folder.
PC -
1) Press Windows Key + R
2) Type in %localappdata% and press enter
3) Go into  the Blizzard folder
4) Go into the Hearthstone folder
5) Find the Cache folder here and delete it
  1. If that doesn’t work, let’s see if trying an alternative connection helps. This can be either a friend’s or neighbor’s wifi or a mobile hotspot/tether. If this is the mobile version of the game, test logging in while connected to wifi and cell phone data(aka wifi off).

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