I can't connect to battle.net on desktop

I tried to connect to battle.net but it keeps saying that either I have no internet or basically couldn’t connect to the app. I can connect to the website and app just fine and I even tried to reinstall, delete the battle.net folders or basically reset my internet but it keep saying that I can’t connect to the app. I’m still looking for ways to fix the problem for 2 days now but its too frustrating since I felt that there was no problem on my end except for connecting to battle.net desktop. Any solutions?

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Sounds like another app is blocking it from connecting, likely an antivirus or adblocker.

I’ve been looking for anything thats blocking the app yet I couldn’t understand which app it is. I don’t think I have any antivirus or adblocker blocking the app, even if it did, I don’t think its the problem.

What kind of internet connection are you using? Please be as specific as possible.