I cannot installe the blizzard app


I buy a new computer and when i try to installe de blizzard app. the loading stop at updating blizzard agent. Hi download the app from https://www.blizzard.com/fr-fr/apps/battle.net/desktop and i download the windows version. Hi try to restart my computer, download a new battle.net-setup. It’s not working.

If someone know where the probleme. BTW i’m sorry for my writhing i’m french.


A common reason for this issue on a Mac is due to an unstable connection, causing the data to be corrupted thus the Blizzard app doesn’t know what to do with it.

I would recommend if possible switch to a wired connection. If you are unable to do this try refreshing the connection by power cycling the home network’s modem and router. Once the network is back online flush the DNS cache using the commands Here.

Thank you.