I cannot add my phone number

So I cannot add my phone number because it is Cricket Wireless is there a workaround on this issue other than switching to a whole new phone plan just to play your games if this is the I would like a refund on all the games I have purchased because if I cannot play it then I would like a refund on all games I currently have on my account. This is unfair for those on Cricket Wireless. If this issue is not fixed I will find people who are having similar issue and sue for damages because we all purchased a game and we cannot play because we use Cricket Wireless. Who know what other phone company have this issue and who knows how many people can sue for this exact issue.


I am having this issue as well.

I already had a number, so when i used the link to “add my number” the link was not working right because, i had to go the long way into my account and EDIT the number not ADD. Hopefully this helps someone.

Same exact issue and position here. Absolutely BS that there isn’t even a mention of “hey if you have xyz carrier you will not be able to add a phone number and therefore play the game”. Pure crap and from what I’ve read a long standing issue

I want to add my Phone number to my account but I can’t change the “+1” country code.
My account is now a US account but I don’t live in the US. I want to change the region and I don’t have any legal Proof of Residency that translated to English except my passport.

I submitted a ticket about it 2 days ago explaining the issue and put my Passport pic and still no response.

There are a number of potential reasons a phone number may not work with the SMS system being used. However this is a community support forum for issues specific to the Blizzard Desktop Application itself. No one here would be able to address issues adding your phone number to your account. If you have not already done so, go ahead and create a ticket using the support button then contact support button at the top of this page to create a ticket.

Make sure to include the specific error (if any, screenshots help.)
Include the phone number you are attempting to add including area code.

Please be aware that due to Wrath Classic Launch, MW2 Beta and the upcoming Overwatch2 launch, response times on tickets are at several days.