I cannot add a phone number!

Im very livid and dissapointed because I cannot add my phone number. I use cricket wireless and have had this phone number for over 10 years and I am not in a contract. Why do I even need to add a phone number to play a game beats me but Im very dissapointed about this. I have tried contacting customer support in a ticket but they do nothing, no idea why there is no live chat support, I even tried calling and its a fning joke because its just an old man talking. I feel like blizzard doesnt even care about me at all and they are just digging for personal information! this is the first time I have ever posted on a fourm but if this cannot be resolved I would never buy a game from blizzard or activision again!

I think it has to do with cricket because I also use cricket and am having the same issue. How to solve it I have no clue.

I have cricket as well and I’m having the same issue

Did they ever get back to you or solved your problem?.. Also this is stupid because we should be allowed to play without a phone number of some sort.