I Can t get into the shadows

I still can’t get the shadows to work. I got an email from
You saying the glitch was fixed with 20 more akeba signets and it still isn’t working, what do I do?


Same issue only now my character that was the clan leader is no longer the clan leader and not only that but not even in the clan anymore

lunaeclipse cannot join the shadows I am in court of whispers and everyone else’s name is yellow and my name is white my clan’s name is orange other people are getting into the shadows pls fix cannot play game and i have spent allot of money on this game

Well my issue with the signets was fixed and I was added back into my clan but im still not clan leader who it was given to won’t respond to me thing is it doesn’t tell you if you don’t play that character they’ll take your clan leadership away it’s not even like I wasn’t active I just created a new necro and was leveling him I’d advise not spending any kind of money on this game if things can be so easily “lost”