I can’t get out of the treasury

Hello. My nickname SCnix. Server Warden of Everfrost.
They passed the treasury, killed the boss, but the teleporter did not appear. The rest left the party and were thrown out of the location. And I stayed. There is no exit button, teleport to other players does not work, the release button does not help. Re-entering the game did not help. what to do?

Use the Unstuck button or Leave Game function in Settings. Worked for others I know that became “trapped” in dungeons/hidden lairs/Vault

You can immediately see that you have never been stuck in the treasury - the unstack button teleports you to the beginning of the dungeon, not out of it! There is no exit button from the treasury. But, apparently, the admins saw my message and threw me out of there - after a couple of hours I still found myself out of the zone.

When this happened to me I had to just leave game for a few hours for the instance to fall off.