I bought Prime Evil version, but where is Diablo 3?

I bought the Prime Evil version and downloaded Diablo 2 Resurrected. I thought it would download everything. How do I go about getting Diablo 3 and the other goodies that go with it?

Game keys are automatically added to your Bnet Account once your purchase goes through.

From the Desktop Launcher, select Diablo 3 from the All Games tab on the Left. Add it to your Favorites bar if you want.

Click the D3 game tab. It should give you the option to Install D3. The cosmetic goodies show up in game when you create a character then create a game.

The wings and pets are in the Cosmetics tab in game under the little Mirror symbol.

The Transmogs (PRE-ORDER) are at the Mystic. You need the right class and item type in the interface to see the menu for it. Barb Helm (blue face paint) is a good one to verify you have the pre-order bonus skin.