I been playing Since 2008

I been playing Since 2008

  1. I put in for the Shadowlands Beta and waited…nothing yet
  2. I bought the Epic Version never got the weapons Transmog waited…nothing yet…
  3. I think I know what happen it’s a guess though but I watch a lot of youtube WoW info, and I noticed that most of the youtubers for WoW are passing out, you can win Beta Keys from them huh?

Wait a minute so the reason some of us wont get the Beta keys is most of them are reserved for special interest groups ?..

I waited years for a Beta key and never was offered one at all what’s up with that?
Now the Pre-Patch here and I missed out again…again…again…& again since the Wrath of the Lich King and i bought all of the Expansions since then, what gives Blizz I get no love when I showed support for all these years Man oh man…SMH

How long you play or how much $$ you spend has nothing to do with Beta invites. Buying Shadowlands does not either.

Beta has limited slots and 95% of them go to the people who opted in via the website. Those are chosen randomly from that pool.

Of the small number of reserved slots they go to:

  1. Blizzard Staff
  2. Influencers such as streamers, media, guide writers, WoW Websites
  3. Friends and Family of staff who are on lists. They may not get in first wave, but eventually they do.
  4. High end Raiding and PvP folks who are recruited when they are ready to test that group content. They need experienced coordinated groups for that.

Normal invites which is most of them:

  1. Many waves of random opts ins who constitute the majority of the Beta participants.
  2. Ongoing random invites to opt ins to keep testing population where QA wants it.
  3. Sometimes at the end they open it up as a stress test on the servers, but that is not a guarantee.

Nobody is owed a Beta key.

A typical responds to a long time loyal supporter, well thanks for the vote of encouragement that really made my day now I can go play WoW feeling great and wanting to buy more stuff yeahhhh… not being invited is F’ed Up, no matter what the reason is you’re not me

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