I am happy with warcraft 3 reforged!

Hello! I don’t know where to address it. I play Warcraft 3 since 2003 and it’s one of my all time favorite games. So with that in mind I am happy with Warcraft 3 reforged. It works great, it feels great. I had from the game what I expected from it! Anyway thanks for the great remaster Blizzard!


Clearly Someone hit they head lol


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I also liked remastered. I believe that for those who are just going to play singleplayer, the game is fine. The graphics were very beautiful. Interesting now that we can recognize the scenarios as in the classic Wow, the difference in aesthetics of Ashenvale, home to the high elves, barrens. I also noticed that some things were not redone as promised, like cinematics. The gameplay has not changed and this I really regret with 2 important points: formation of small groups only and lack of mobility between the units. Blizzard needs to be more honest with fans to not have the same fame as some competitors.

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