I am completely stuck

I forgot the password to my Diablo 2 account. I tried resolving the issue through a ticket. I was told I needed to speak to someone during live chat hours to resolve it. When I attempted that, I found out that live chat doesn’t currently exist, despite being told to resolve it that way. I also tried to register an email address when I initially installed the game, but when attempting to do so, I was taken to a Blizzard webpage that came back with a “404 Page Not Found” error, so resolving the issue that way won’t work either.

I’d love to play, but it appears I’m completely stuck. Am I just straight out of luck here?

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From what I have observed , if it was not resolved via a ticket, then it may be best to simply begin again. Shake off this bump in the road and take heart in the fact that the ladder resets in a few weeks. You will be shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. Those first few weeks to a month or two are when the game is at its peak and addictively fun.

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bliz cannot resend password resets via tickets so dont even try

if you got a email tied to it then reset via email if not the account will be left to expire