Hunter "dismiss pet" Button is abandoning pets

So, I was playing today on my new hunter Vulpera with the Crimsom Cobra pet. I was doing an instance and used the “dismiss” on my hunter spells book. The pet dissapeared, but after calling it back it said that “I didnt had a pet to summon”, tried to rez the pet, it said : I didnt had a pet to rez. So I went ahead and tamed a cat from Pandarian woods and tried to dismiss it again, is not dismissing pet, its abandoning it!. The button clearly it states that Dismiss pet is: “Temporily sends this pet away. You can call it back later” and its not. I want my Crimson Cobra back please.

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hunting pet will not revive ? whats going on?

When sending your kid to your room causes them to go to boarding school for eternity instead.