How to start Embers of Neltharion

I’ve read all the articles about how to start Embers of Neltharion, and I did the missions that lead up to it to where [name] (I didn’t want to spoil it for others) becomes the Black Dragon Aspect. I’m trying to complete the missions ‘Embers of Neltharion’ and ‘Just Don’t Ask Me To…’. I did what other’s said, such as looked in Zaralek Cavern and islands Morqut and Dragonskull, but those missions are not available. I want to be able to ride my regular mounts on Dragon Isles, and it seem the required missions are not available. All the other required missions are completed. I’m just missing those two.

Okay, I got the mission going. I found that I missed ‘Egg Tenders’ and I did that. The mission turned up after I did the mission string, but then Alexstrasza who was supposed to be in the form of a dragon at the top of the Seat of the Aspects did not show up. I researched further and read that if ''To Tyrhold" was in your mission list, to delete it, and Alextrasza will show up, which she did. She gave the “Symbol of Hope” mission, which then led me to find the ‘Healing Wings Envoy’ also at the top of the Seat of the Aspects, but out on the edge. She gave the mission “Hidden Legacies” which is one of the missions that leads to being able to fly the regular mounts in Dragon Isles.

I can now fly my regular mounts in Dragon Isles :star_struck: