How to See or Delete Bnet Game Created?

Hi sry, this is the first time i have played Bnet D2. After you log in to your character, say I want to create my own game so I name my Game and assign a Password.

  1. Next time I log in, is there a way to see the list of games i have created? In case I forgot or whatever…
  2. How would I delete games I no longer want to continue?
  3. Also, how many games could I create and maintain in total?
  4. Are the Games attached to the Character or the Account?

Any help appreciated thanks.


Oh I see now they are temporary. So all i need to do is log out of the account, and relog in? if say i want the map to reset.

also, i can’t seem to run cinematics. during the intro and act 1 cinematics, the screen just goes black. no LoD installed