How to play D2 online?

Hi! I’ve just download D2 to play during this quarentine period and it’s been awesome. How many the memories and what a great game this is.

I used to play it long ago, but this is my first time trying to play it online.
I’m trying to play with a friend, but we always get the “Can’t connect to server” message anyway we try to. I’m using W10 and he is using a macOS, not sure the version but he has to get back a couple from the current one, just to install and run D2.

Any advice? We try by the “” button, “Open” and also the TCP/IP but not sure if we actually did it well in any of those.

Thanks as advance for anything!

Greets from Chile! You need a CD-key and then you will be able to connect to a near by server, like Asia/EU/US East/US West.

Open you need know a open (typically setup by someone, but not blizzard) server IP address, then you can join and have fun

TCP/IP: One person create a game, and another guy (in same network) will input the hoster’s IP address and join the game

First of all, thanks for your help!

Is there a way that we could play with our characters? I mean, I can go into de option and you have to start a new character to play (at leas that is what it shows me)
On the other hand, on the Open option we always get that “can’t connect to server”, any idea why this could be? I mean, i’m not even really sure how to reach the server, you just need to create it and that’s it?

Thanks again!

Use IP/TCP to play your single player characters together. If you can’t connect your ip addies directly use Hamachi to do it. If you don’t each have a low latency internet it will be laggy.