How to locate Recipe IDs

Hi there, i’ve just started learning how to use the API’s for World of Warcrafts Game Data API.
Specificly i’ve been fiddling around the recipe endpoint. But i cannot seem to figure out how to identify the Recipe IDs.
If anyone could shed some light about how i can locate them in some way or another it would be immensly appriciated.
Thanks in advance

I believe the Recipe API essentially exists to support the other professions endpoints, in that an index of all recipe IDs as a stand alone API does not exist.

You may need to traverse the other endpoints, such as /data/wow/profession/{professionId} to find the various links to the recipes that belong to those professions. It is also likely safe to assume that if a Recipe is not linked to from one of the profession documents, then the Recipe API will also not have a reference to it, assuming such recipes exist.