How to change country without ID

How do I change country without having to provide a gov’t issued ID? I didn’t provide any ID when I created the account so I don’t rightly know to what ID you would compare the “verification ID” against. I don’t have any money in my account so there’s no exchange rate/market value issues there. The only thing stopping me from creating a new account is the CoD: MW that I redeemed on this account.

I’ve been looking for a solution to a similar issue and have determined that essentially no, you can’t play CoD games without either providing an ID or showing bank transactions if you’re registered in the wrong country. I know, it’s ridiculous and makes no sense. One solution that could potentially work is generating a fake phone number as no verification is needed, but I have not got this to work yet. Good luck :confused:

Edit, verification is needed, so yeah, I have no ideo how else you could fix this. Maybe try contacting support, although I doubt they’d be able to help much

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