How to buy a game for my kid's account?

I created an account which I am am the parental account for, but I can’t find how to buy the game for the account, the only way I could find, was to gift to a friend, but it tells me I need to have been friend with the account for more than 3 days, but its an account I am parental account for, so it should be easier than this.

I want to keep all credit card information on my account. Sure, maybe I can erase it, but it should be easier, no?

What you just describe is excatly how it works. You need to be a friend to send a gift it doesn’t matter if you’re a parent of the account.

Its 2022, I still cant buy a game for my kid to play without hassle.

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…and here we are…2024 and still cant game with my kid easily.