How long is my temp ban?

Says my connection is temporarily restricted etc. Just trying to see if I’ll be able to play tonight. Ty.

generally either 15min or 2hours, if its more then you broke the ToS, but recently a lot of people get those issues and don’t know why

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I have heard that the more times I try to login while restricted the longer it becomes. I would rather dissolve my anxieties through validation and/or information hopefully in an official capacity. I would not ask if there was not precedents on this forum. Plus I’m bored and i wanna d2.

that’s an old myth
What is true is that if the ban lifts and you get restricted again it will most likely be for longer than the first time, depending on the reason for the ban

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So it wont actually add to the duration of the temp ban if you attempt to log in while the restriction is still active?

No, people have been saying that for years, but it doesn’t change anything. The thing is Blizzard has always been very vague regarding the duration of those bans and that leads to people speculating on the reason why one ban is longer than another.

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I’ll never understand why their approach is to keep us in the dark. Even without any change in the outcome, an explanation would be very welcome

Still banned. Dinner was delicious. That is all.

leave it alone until tomorrow. They flagged your IP anyway and it take 12-24 hours to clear (don’t remember which one)

Scratch that. I’m back on. Will continue post in an hour when it happens again. Occy 4 Ist.

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Exemple: people who uses VPN would get a BAN for lets say 3 days. after 2 days, that dude try to login but cant, so he decide to try another VPN, NEW OFFENSE so NEW 3 days. It will only extend the wait period if you do something wrong AGAIN.

Personally i am getting trolled, it says i couldnt connect to, please try again in a few MINUTES. although everything i read tells me it will be 14 days lmfao, i am getting trolled hard with their ‘’ in a few minutes’’, they are destroying my feelings and causing depression, i always think ill get online, but i dont. IN A FEW MINUTES… IN A FEW… MINUTES… OR IN A FEW WEEKS!! hahaha i love d2, im not sure if i am complaining and its not like ive been totaly clean. Nothing too horrendous, but i guess maphack with ability to see ‘‘monsters’’ in map is clearly stupid on my part. IN A FEW MINUTES… HAHAHAHAHA id love to know the time ill be online, but i would also love to never get snow in Canada.

edit: If one of the many sexy as hell blizzard employee see my message, and has a golden heart, let me know how many months i have to wait before playing d2 again(i am far from pointing fingers at you guys LOL i am guilty, i broke ToS)
it still says TRY AGAIN IN A FEW MINUTES. my emotion are highs and lows and i fear my wife will leave with the kids(its a joke, literally)

I believe i just got a 2 week ban.

The new season isn’t two weeks old and it feels like it’s over.

I know Blizzard didn’t intend this.

There is always a few that ruin it for the rest of us.

So… if my key and ip are on 2 week temp ban, can I go to a friend’s house to perm my mules so i don’t lose items. Or can I have a trusted friend log on and do it. Or if i get ip address change and a new key can then reinstall with said key, can I perm them at home.

just your ip might be temp banned. Mine is the same and i did that already for my mule. I’m doing the waiting game now for the ban to get lifted.

Today I got temp banned as well. I logged in, createad new character and entered a game to start new journey. Then I got ddced with the message I am temporary disabled from the realm… Without reason or anything. Before that I see games full with bots who are not been touched by Blizz, but the regular player is - ok!!!

I changed my ip and tried with a few cdkey’s but won’t let me in, i consider that as different kind of restriction but not IP related one
blizz got us right in the heart this time with their sneaky games, making us unable to enjoy the fkn 16bit graphix

my text chat and mail blocked …how long you think

Thats the result of their recent “changes”. The problem before obviously was that only botters were banned so it was unfair, now normal players get banned too so yeah…