How long does it take to get a response from support?

How long is it supposed to take for the support team to respond to tickets?

It’s been 3 days without a response, I just want to change the country of my account which is wrong, because I can’t add my phone number without having the correct country… I bought the game and I can’t play without adding the number… How long will I have to wait until I can enjoy the game I bought?

Is it possible to see if they are at least looking into the issue?

Ticket EU86881579

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Ticket times have been insanely long due to a lot of game releases, major changes, ban waves, etc. It is not acceptable. The ticket time is supposed to be between 24-48 hours.

Right now it is sitting around a week+ depending on the issue.

As long as you put the ticket into the right queue, it should be coming up in a few days.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for, or represent, Blizzard.

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I understand, but it hurts to see such a simple matter taking so long to resolve. The fact that I don’t have an answer (I don’t mean the resolution) even on the subject on a platform where I have several games purchased, leaves me disappointed about the after-sales service.


Just like everyone else in line.

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I have same issues can you please make the change country

Ticket EU88125972

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I have the same issue, I need to change my region/country but it does not let me to change it. I created ticket #EU92045442.

EU92582234 please help me change my phonenumber

its actually crazy to me that this company has support like this…or should I say lack of support. I had my account hacked a few days ago and I have to deal with some idiot telling me over email that he cant verify my information because its not enough. ive spent just like many of you hundreds of dollars in the blizzard store. the fact i have to wait 2+ weeks to get a response to an email is ridiculous. Blizzard DO BETTER you have people spending their hard earned money for the content you provide but it seems like you don’t give a crap about them! hire some support staff !!!

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That might be because you replied to the “do-not-reply” email? I hope you did not do that. They really mean it, don’t reply to the email because it is not checked.

What you need to do is to open a new ticket, REFERENCE the first ticket number, then provide the information they asked for. Ticket response times are pretty short right now so it won’t be a week.

If they don’t accept that info, and you need to add more, just make sure to keep using tickets, and referencing the past ticket numbers.

I’ve been trying to get into my old account since August. Every time I put in a ticket somebody emails me back saying to give information and when I do they never respond. Nor does it say anything about a “do not respond” email address and yes I checked.

The email address you get it from is a “do not reply” email address.

You need to open a TICKET, reference the previous ticket number, then put the information they asked for in the ticket. Do not reply to the email.

Hey I did put that in a ticket and still there is no replay I connected my steam to battlenet and my overwatch2 account got removed and battlenet opened a new account for me which I don’t want it I want my old account. My old account is superpants and battlenet opened a new one which is called Naro. I tried ever and nothing worked please replay to my ticket and solve the problem

MVPs are not Blizzard staff. We are just other players who serve as volunteer Information Desks sort of. In that spirit, I can give you the article on what to do if you accidentally link the wrong Bnet account. You should be able to go into your “new” account and UNLINK your Steam. Then log into the superpants account and re-link Steam. That of course depends on how steam allows linking permissions.

I unlinked battlenet and steam and loged out of battlenet redownloaded overwatch from steam and still i have to log in with battlenet :woman_shrugging:t2: when i try to login with steam it tells me that the email is wrong and the number is wrong even tho its correct so what should i do in this case?

Unfortunately you are going to have to sort it out with the actual Blizzard staff. MVPs, being other players, have zero access to anything. I can’t look up your accounts and try to help you figure out what the emails are so you can sort out which is which. Recovering accounts also involves proving you are the account holder which means a big list of questions.

Depending on how you do this, if they email you a response asking for info. DO NOT REPLY. It has to stay in the ticket system, even if you open a new ticket, reference the first ticket number (important so it keeps the GMs on the same response chain), and provide the info.

The only other thing that sometimes works when finding accounts, or sorting out if you have more than one is posting on the WoW Customer Support forum. That takes at least a level 10 free character, but the Support Forum Agent blues at least have some access to the systems. They can’t reveal personal info, but they can sometimes point you in the right direction when you don’t even know if you have more than one account.

There are regulars there like me, who also chime in with info - and will tell you what I told you. Heh. IF you do that, feel free to link this thread here so people are aware you already tried some of the support steps.