How long does it take support to remove authenticator

i been playing RTS games quiet a long time
i know my password but i got stuck on my authenticator
where i have reset my phone because of lag problem.
so i dont know serial and recover code. and been sending bunch of ticket to get
resolved. i have prove just part of my california government id with some parts covered with drawing app to be secured my id number which i didnt use it for sign in. i also have proved my phone number and last 4 digit of card i use purchasing and my email and address. and i keep recieving need more information. finally i have recieve one wonderful support and recieve message like this… he say he get it solved but it been 4 hour since i wait to get into my game…how long do i have to wait until support to remove authenticator??

Issue ID: #74391666

Your ticket has received the following response:

Hey there!
I am Game Master Ingrothar and I hope you’re well today.
I hope you’re well today, you said you needed some assistance with your authenticator and I am here to help you out! Your account is obviously something of great importance and I’m going to get this solved as quickly as I can so you can get in and play again