How is pvp so broken still after all these years?

How is it, after 15+ years of playing this game a server group can still be so unbalanced? Why haven’t stats been normalized? How is it, day after day, on random battle grounds, I can only win 1 out of 10 matches, if I’m lucky?
Shouldn’t anyone be able to walk into a battle ground and be fairly matched like in SWtor or any first person shooter?
Blizzvision… you have failed this whole xpac.

Hello Lagwall! You seem a bit lost today. Blizzard has many forums so that is understandable. You are on a forum for reporting Bugs with the Battlenet Mobile Application.

If you wish to provide feedback on WoW you will want to constructively post on the WoW forums.

I would suggest one of the 3 PvP forums, whichever is most applicable.