How I finally Got Working Again

It began one day when I couldn’t update my games. I finally tried to uninstall However reinstalling wouldn’t work. It would backtrack on updating and installation if I got that luck. I thought I could wait it out but I’m not that patient. I tried putting in a ticket, but I couldn’t access the msinfo32 file. As a result I never did. I decided to restart my computer in safe mode with internet. I was hoping to either get the msinfo32 file or see if would install. I never got that done. In the boot menu, it showed me an option to reinstall my ios. On an impulse, I took that option. When it was done, I installed It worked. I don’t know what exactly caused it to fail, but I’m glad all the same. I was wondering if you could put this down as a possible solution.

Thanks for the solution, I will try to make it work as well on my PC