How Good Is Rune Word Sanctuary Shield?

This is the first in a series of videos showing how good rune word Sanctuary is at rendering monster missiles virtually harmless. Hell, HC, SP, /p8.

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everyone already knows about slow missles we are all vets here

i made sure and flag the thread for linking to a non bliz website, if it gets taken down remember me :slight_smile:

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Here is part 2…

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Part 3…

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get ur def over 30k (40k on hdin / 90k on smiter)
max block
max damage reduction
hp 7k-10k (hc setup + barbs bo + oak can easily reach this / high spec gear can also reach this)
capped res -> 90-95 max res to an element -> stacked res -> sorb -> fade
a merc with holy freeze from any method (act 1 or act 2)

this is why your videos are nonsense not related to the forums and spam also total noob productions

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Part 4…
Here I use the rune word to render 3 different missile class monsters out of range of my attacks and firing at me from all directions virtually harmless.

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Not a great endgame runeword but it is significantly underrated. Decent overall defense boost to [vita] sorc imo if used in a troll nest. Best use is making in a +Res pally shield and getting up to 115 res all.

Part 5…
In this video I demonstrate how effective rune word Sanctuary is against Souls. It renders them relatively harmless against my clvl 95 hc ww barbarian.

Just put azurewrath on act5 merc then your character can wear something good.

My act 2 merc has a lvl 24 (270% ed) Might aura and a lvl 12 Holy Freeze aura. My barbarian is using an eBotD thunder maul and is wearing Enigma, G Face, Highlords, LoH, Spider, Gore, RF and a rare ring with 114 ar, 18 strgth, 38 life and lots of mana. I use Sanctuary (Slows Missiles) and a Life Tap dagger on switch simply for safety in tight situations.

Another example on top of the 5 I’ve shown in my videos would be casting Slows Missiles on witches and or snakes just before I Life Tap and tele stomp Nilh during one of my runs with the same Experience Shrine that I also used when killing Diablo.

Not playing self found is boring

My character is single player, and I don’t use ladder rune words nor any mods.

Would you like to see a vid of one of my Zods dropping? Would you like to see a vid of one of my Frenzy barbarians that I’m 99ing? Him and his merc only use magic self found (blue) items.

If you really have all that legit I bow to you.

Best I’ve made was a chains of honor, call to arms flail and heart of the oak flail.

But I play very casually sometimes not at all

Most players have learned to farm lower act lvl 85 areas, specifically Pits and AT. Though I don’t knock this style, the areas are practically useless for farming Cham and Zod. I play about 1-2 hours a day during the week, about 5 hours a day on weekends and the first month of ladder reset I play 12-16 hours a day. I’ve been playing single player exclusively every day that I’m home for the last 2 years.

Once my characters reach clvl 90 I only farm act 4 and 5 lvl 85 areas and Nilh. Playing this way with clvl 90+ characters I get about one Vex to Sur once every two weeks (not each), one Ber to Cham a month (not each) and a Zod every three months.