How come I got banned? COD MW

I had few games last night with friends, as usual, this afternoon I came back online looking another few games but Bnet says your guys have banned me for forever…

how? I need to know what is happened

I purchased full game and also with season pass…Coins and few skins … I didn’t buy anything from outside or black-market how come your guys ban me like this?

if you say I am hacking… ok this is my recently record last week til now…
you guys are really did something wrong but by how I won’t know n I can not tell where is this bans comes from…

The Activision Staff has told me they can do nothing for this ban even reverse it, because the bans comes from Bnet.

So would you guys have a re-check or something ? release my game back? or othe- wise it is not fair. i bought a game and i can only play for coulp of weeks ?:smirk:

(show me something to prove you are not wrong)

Please contact me by E-mail ASAP
I need to know should I keep stay in this game or not.

( I don’t mind you do remote control my PC by Team-Viewer or any of other software from your side to check my PC if necessary )