How can you do this to your fans

played wc3 for 16 years and waited day and night for reforge. what I got is piece of? crab. nothing but updated skin. how can you do this to us ? 40 dollar of skin update with countless bugs ? what f__k is wrong with you people?


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I requested the refund… i rather play the old version haha



They should have just left ROC and TFT alone and start fresh with Reforged.
They ruin all the save code for the old one and mess up so much things.

Reason they wanted to combined is to make money.
Really annoying to ruin ROC and TFT, many like playing TFT now have to start many maps again.

Ruin it now.
Everything is laggy as well.


When will they actually update the game to make any sense.

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I cannot believe what an absolute s**t show this game has become blizzard you have massively screwed this game up im actually kicking myself in the as for buying the reforge I would consider refunding if I wasn’t afraid I wouldn’t get my original Warcraft 3 game back. you cant play any custom campaigns from what I can tell, I get constant crashes in games. how can you even consider this game worth 30 bucks in its state HELL EVEN MY CAMPAIGN HAS FD UP TO THE POINT I STOPPED PLAYING IT.

Don’t Release a game, a Month late, with so many issue’s. Get it right the first time.

" Since you folks are scanning & looking over all the feedback from the fan base"

That is a LIE! If you were paying attention in the slighest, WC3 Reforged will die soon due, to your lack of effort. Ladder, Simple. Clans, Simple. Can’t Figure it out? use the old interface with the new gameplay- Simple.

Come on This is Ridiclous- Oh 2 Months since it has been released as well, nothing has been improved, at all in the slighest. If anything, lack of customer support, and I could list 100+ problems but I won’t since you folks are " scanning and keeping a close eye on what the people who purchased your product are saying they want "