How can i talk to someone from supprt

My issue is i have new PC and a new phone # i cannot access anything because of the authenticator. i cant find an actual way to talk to a representative to get to my account…what should i do here?


Have you tried the steps listed in this Support Note:

Yes I dont have access to that becuase it wants my authenticator as well which i dont have access anymore its infuriating, now i know why i didnt want an authenticator to begin with…this is an old account i was able to verify through email. the other account ahs the authenticator and wont allow anything without that stupid code.

That’s as far as I have tested…

Good luck !

Yeah to do that they want the authenticator code which i don’t have and cant get. Of course i get no response from blizzard.

That is the self help menu. If you no longer have access to the Authenticator or old phone number, you are going to have to get CS to help remove those from the account, and to update your phone number.

Doing so will require proving you are the account holder via Govt Issued ID. Under the two options to use phone or Auth is a “submit ticket with ID” link. Use the Submit Ticket with ID link.

Once you get it sorted out, you will probably want to put a new one on. Just be sure to write down the Auth serial and restore code so you can put it back on your phone yourself if you do a reset or get a new one.