How can I submit a complaint against the supports (moderators) of a Russian-language forum

Guys, terrible things are happening on our forum.
They give me bans absolutely illegal and for no reason.
Nobody gives a paragraph of the rules that were violated. They give bans for words that have been used 100500 times on the forum.
Where and to whom can I provide proofs to test these guys for adequacy and bias?

For example one of my message which was banned:
Not to know who Tony is and to say adequate - how can you dazzle this into a logical chain? Is it that bad?

and another one

I reported you. I gave you a bunch of examples of where you can spend gold, and instead you typically became rage , came up with an indistinct excuse and went personal insults. In general, this is all familiar to me on this forum.

You can file an appeal for your forum suspension if you wish.

The list of rules is in the forum Code of Conduct.

You agreed to those rules, as well as everything in the EULA when you made your account. Blizzard’s forums are private property. They can remove someone from them at any time and for any reason they want. Just like you can kick someone out of your private home any time you want.

Exactly, that’s why I already stopped my subscription. I twice submitted appeal for suspension but My suspensions are handling by the same moderators. That’s why I wanted somebody to review it because it is unnormal.
If you think that moderators can do everything they want it is not my game in which I’ve been played for 13 years

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